Beautiful Wedding Day Couple Poses!

The Mantle Portrait

Let’s start here because I believe every couple should have at least one traditional portrait where they are standing together and smiling at the camera. This also makes a great gift for parents and grandparents because they love having this printed and placed on their fireplace mantle or wall!

Look Back at Me

This pose is great because it also showcases the details on the back of your wedding dress!

The Ring Shot

This is considered another traditional shot, though it can be taken creatively! I love taking a photo where just the hands are in focus but also one where all the little details (rings, watch, bouquet, boutonniere, tie, etc) all come together.

Swooping Veil

If you have a long veil, let it fly! If you have a short veil, let it swoop! If you have a veil at all, go under!

The Tease

It’s that moment just before the kiss.

Look Away

For the couple who wants something a little more editorial, a simple look away from one another can bring all the mood!

Prom Pose

I actually love this pose. It always produces such a classy portrait!

Walking Together

Soak up the moment – you’re officially married!

Move the Dress

A simple lift of the dress, a twirl, or even a toss brings a touch of romance to your portrait!

The Pickup or Lift

I swoon every time a couple is willing to do a lift!

Lean Back or Full Dip

Even the slightest lean back adds beauty to your portrait!

The Bouquet Shot

If you invested in a gorgeous bouquet, you definitely want to make sure she has her moment!

The Venue Shot

You picked your venue for a reason, most likely because you fell in love with it! Get at least one portrait in front of the venue or your favorite spot on the property.

The Night Shot

If your venue has lighting on the building or a special gazebo, you may want to sneak out of the reception for a quick nighttime portrait!

Rivers Light Photography is based in Houston, Texas. Ashley is passionate about capturing timelessly elegant imagery for the modern couple.

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