7 Posing Tips for Engagement Photos

“Just warning you, we are SO awkward in front of the camera!”

Be honest, do any of these couples looks “awkward” to you? Not at all! In fact, they all look deeply in love! I hear this warning from couples ALL the time. Every time I reassure them that they aren’t as awkward as they think they are and I’ll guide them though every pose.

That the awkwardness we all feel in front of the camera is due to simply not knowing what to do. For those taking pictures for the first time, this can feel so daunting! Confidence comes with guidance and practice. That’s why I encourage all couples to do an engagement session before their wedding day.

Whether you’re preparing for a profession photoshoot or simply needing tips for that next smartphone pic, here are six of my favorite posing tips!

1 | Focus on Connection

I love reminding couples that bonding is the BEST thing you can do during your photoshoot. If you want photos that showcase your playfulness, be playful. If you want photos that showcase your deep affection, be ready to give your partner some extra lovin’! It’s okay to laugh and not be looking at the camera for every photo!

2 | Be a Tease

When it comes to kissing photos, I often direct couples to get in really close like they’re going to kiss (noses crossed- not smooshed together) and either smile or let their mouth remain slightly open (no puckering).

3 | Avoid Lazy Hands

Give your hands a point of contact with your body or your partner’s body. It can be in your pocket, on their waist, on your hip, etc.

4 | Cross Those Legs

Ladies, this one is for you! Whether standing, walking, or sitting – keeping those legs crossed creates an elegant hourglass figure.

5 | Pop Those Knees

A popped knee can add curve and dimension to your pose. It’s something small that can make a huge impact! If you’re wearing a dress with a slit, you definitely want to show that off too!

6 | Cuddle

Never underestimate the cuteness of snuggle photos! I adore them 🙂

7 | Be Willing to Try

This may sound odd, but in reality, you may be prompted to say or do something outside of your normal comfort zone. Some of my couples favorite photos came from moments they decided to trust me and go along with what I asked them to do. It may be a lift, dip, or even outfit suggestion!

It’s truly one of my favorite things to capture the love couples feel for one another in a way they’ve never seen it portrayed before. If you’re newly engaged and seeking a Houston area engagement photographer, I would absolutely LOVE to work with you!

Rivers Light Photography is based in Houston, Texas. Ashley is passionate about capturing timelessly elegant imagery for the modern couple.

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