Getting the Most Out of Your Wedding Flowers

There is no doubt, flowers add SO much life to the overall style and vibe of a wedding. They elevate your wedding day experience and portraits in a way I have found no other decoration does.

One way I have seen brides maximize the use of a floral budget, is to repurpose floral arrangements from the ceremony for the reception. When you coordinate this idea with your wedding planner, they can easily have the arrangements moved from one ceremony to reception during cocktail hour.

    You can also use the flowers from your wedding arch to create a beautiful photo area for you and your guests. Additionally, those ceremony aisle arrangements are perfect for table centerpieces or when used to elevate a head table or dessert table!

    When it comes to photography, I truly love the way real flowers look in portraits. I will always encourage my brides to at least make the investment into a real bouquet since that will have a lot of close ups in the camera.

    One trend I love is seeing flowers added to cakes. This ties together the overall design of the wedding beautifully!

    For brides who are doing a bridal portrait session, I highly recommend bringing along a sample bouquet. This will not only add color and texture to your session, but your photos will showcase your overall wedding day look!

    If you’re making the investment into real flowers on your wedding day, I highly recommend you plan ahead to preserve your flowers through one of these great ideas!

    Resin Home Decor | Have a professional turn your flowers into beautiful accent pieces for your home such as: bookends, trays, coasters, picture frames or paperweights!

    Resin Jewelry | Have a professional turn your flowers into beautiful jewelry peices for yourself or to gift loved ones such as your mom or bridesmaids.

    Frame Your Vows | Create a unique display of your wedding vows after flattening and drying your bouquet.

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