The Wedding Day Timeline – How to Avoid Missed Moments and Disappointment



Most couples would agree that when planning a wedding, they imagine a joyful celebration with the people who matter most to them. Yet all over social media, I see stories about the disappointment couples feel with how their day went or how it was documented.

When you put so much time, energy, heart, and resources into planning a celebration as important as a wedding day, you should look back on your day saying, “It was the best day ever!”

So how do you avoid disappointment and frustration? Allow me to introduce you to The Wedding Day Timeline. Your timeline is responsible for the overall function and feel of your big day. It doesn’t have to make the day feel like one giant photoshoot. Instead, think of it as budgeting pockets of time for the moments that matter to you most!

The Impact of an Intentional Wedding Day Timeline

Be IN the Moment When you budget time for the moments that matter to you most, it allows you to be present and enjoy the moment as it happens.

Coordination An intentional timeline empowers your vendors to put together the best day for you. It communicates with them what is expected for the day. It also allows them to plan ahead for potential delays or logistical complications.

Guest Enjoyment Guests love to be a participant in your celebration. Having a schedule allows them to know their time is valued and how they can partake in the festivities with you.

Adaptability Having a timeline with cushion time allows you to be prepared for the unexpected. If something is running behind, your vendors can make easy adjustments to keep the day going smoothly.

Space for Creativity This is especially true for your photography/videography team! When you have a great timeline, your are honoring your love and wedding day vision by giving your creative team breathing room to do what they do best. You’ll be able to look back and see that not only were the most important moments captured but your team was able to get creative footage as well!

When couples don’t take time to plan out the important moments of their day, it often comes at a price. I encourage you to consider these and ask yourself, “What am I willing to sacrifice?”

The Cost of an Unplanned Wedding Day Timeline

Missed Moments All too often important moments are rushed or missed because of poor planning. Sometimes, things run so far behind schedule that certain moments need to be cut from the day altogether. That can be a huge disappointment when you’ve been waiting months or even years for it to happen!

Disorganization When there isn’t a clear plan of action, the chances of logistical issues is greatly increased and at a cost. Vendors can arrive late, dinner can run behind causing guests to become disengaged, the golden hour photos you dreamed about are missed.

Guests are Disengaged Your guests WANT to celebrate with you, but when there isn’t communication about what is happening or how they can participate, it can cause them to be disengaged or even leave early.

Increased Stress Ultimately, not having a schedule can add on stress and anxiety to your day. When you look back on your wedding, those are NOT the emotions you and your loved ones want to feel.

I want to reiterate that a wedding day timeline does NOT have to feel like you’re going from photoshoot to photoshoot. I encourage you to work your wedding planner and photographer to create a timeline that feels NATURAL for you.

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