"Working alongside Josh is truly special because he is my brother! Growing up, we collaborated on many creative projects so working together is a very natural fit for us!" ~Ashley




What is an iPhone Videography? Vintage camcorder wedding videos are the inspiration behind offering iPhone videography. With the advancement of smartphone camera technology, it it is an affordable video option for couples who want to relive the authentic love and laughter or their wedding day. 

What kind of video do we get? After documenting your wedding day memories, Josh creates two separate videos for you to enjoy. The first is a 2.5-3 minute Highlight Video. The second is an 7-10 minute iPhone Home Video that includes extra footage of all the best moments from your day. 

Can you record audio? Yes! We have equipment that connect to our iPhone to record audio. These can be used to capture audio from the ceremony, record your vows being read, and even do guest interviews!

Do you record videos in portrait or landscape? All videos are shot landscape for optimal viewing on your computer or television. All content creation is shot in portrait for optimal viewing on your smartphone. If you have a preference though, we can certainly adjust! 

When and how do I receive our video? Your Highlight Video and Home Video will be available in your gallery so you can download them. Additionally, they will be available on the Rivers Light Photography YouTube page to make sharing with loved ones easy! 

You will also receive a Dropbox link with the individual raw videos!

Do you edit the color or lighting of the videos? Majority of the videos will be in their natural format. Light edits may be made to adjust lighting or color grading as needed.

What’s up, I’m Josh! My fondest memories growing up as a child were watching old family VHS tapes. However, since the introduction of the camera phone those long format videos gotten phased out. This inspired me to bring back the magic of the home video through a mix of elegant shots and candid moments all captured on a smartphone. You’ll love getting to replay your wedding day through the eyes of your guests and reliving your special moments for years to come!

Josh has over ten years working in the production industry. His work ranges from being a dancer, choreographer, actor, director and producer. With his eye for production, Josh leverages his experience on your wedding day in order to capture moments on camera and retell your story.



"Getting to work with Leslie is extra sweet for me because she was an RLP Bride herself! Not only is she fun and easy to connect with, but she shares in my love for all things Disney!" ~ Ashley

I'm Leslie, your go-to Houston-based wedding content creator on a mission to capture the vibrant and creative moments that make life truly special. 

Born and raised in the heart of Houston, I've cultivated a deep love for this city's unique energy, which shines through in my work. My passion for content creating is matched only by my commitment to bringing out the magic in every moment.


What is a content creator? A wedding day content creator is a skilled individual who focuses on capturing candid moments on their high quality cell phones. A content creator, is basically your social media bestie for the day, there to capture behind the scene moments for you to relive within days.

What is the difference between this and giving my phone to a friend? Your wedding day is meant to be cherished forever, and we want you and your friends to be fully present with you and your loved ones while we ensure no moment goes unnoticed. 

What is included in your coverage? You will receive photos and videos taken throughout your wedding day, in their true and raw form. If specific reels/TikTok videos are requested, we can plan those out as well. 

What if I have specific videos I want to capture/create? Send them my way! We loved recreating your favorite videos.

Do you edit the lighting/colors in the videos? All photos and videos will be sent in their true to color, raw form. Light editing can be done if requested. 

Do you shoot videos portrait or landscape? We typically shoot videos in portrait mode, but can adjust to landscape if requested. 

When and how do I receive everything? You will receive the full gallery within 48 hours. Full gallery will be delivered either by Shared Album for iPhone users, or Dropbox. 

What is your cancellation policy? If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please notify us at least 45 days in advance, the booking fee is a non refundable retainer, but if you cancel with sufficient notice, you may apply it to future session within one year. 


iPhone Videography

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