H E L L O 

I'm Ashley and I'm so happy you are here! I believe connecting with your photographer is an important part of an amazing photography experience so here is a little about me.

I take pride in my titles as wife, daughter, sister and friend! I am an easy going, old soul who cherishes quality time. 

I'm a words of affirmation girl with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism. So know when I ask about your story, I'm genuinely interested!

New Girl
The Office
Gilmore Girls
Schitt's Creek
The Last Kingdom

M Y   F A V O R I T E   T H I N G S


Anywhere with white sands and clear water! So far our trip to Hawaii has been my favorite!


Decorating + Home Projects
Lounging in the Pool 
Trips to Disney World
Ladies Nights with my Besties
Baking and Cooking


Floral Dresses
Tea Parties
Classical Music
Small Town Charm
Christmas Lights



  • I am the oldest of four! We love spending time together! My sisters are a good 13 and 15 years younger than I am which makes it extra fun!

  • Growing up my mom homeschooled us. We all loved it! We enjoyed field trips, homeschool group activities, and all the family time.

  • In 2022, I gained a sister and in 2023 a precious little nephew!

  • We enjoy pizza and pool nights at Barb's Boardwalk (my parents' pool haha)

  • We are all obsessed with Disney...except David, we're still working on him lol! 


This is my handsome husband, David! He is the logical minded engineer and I'm the free spirited artist. We are also both stubborn first-borns with totally different ideas for the perfect vacation and home decor. Really, we are very different but that's also what makes our relationship so special. We laugh often and bring out the best in one another!  

  • HOW WE MET | David was actually one of my brother's best friends! Our families had been friends for many years through church and home schooling. After moving back home from college, we began to talk and hang out...a lot. At first we were both blind about what was actually happening. We just enjoyed time together and it felt so natural. One day I realized I didn't want to imagine a life where he wasn't in it. We finally started dating and within six months we were engaged! 

  • OUR PROPOSAL | David took me on a scavenger hunt that brought us to some of our favorite parks. Each location had a hidden object and letter he had written along with a clue to the next spot. The hunt ended at McGovern Centennial Gardens where he had a small "treasure chest" waiting under a tree. Inside it was filled with photos of us, chocolate kisses, and one final letter. After I finished reading the letter I look up to see him on his knee holding my dream ring! After I said, "Yes!" both of our families popped out from behind the bushes to celebrate! 

  • OUR WEDDING DAY | We got married on September 9, 2016 at Oakwind Weddings under giant oak trees - best day ever! I am obsessed with my customized tea length wedding dress. After buying the dress, my mom made alterations to turn it into my dream dress! Some of our favorite memories from the day included our popcorn bar and cutting our cake with a sword!

  • MARRIED LIFE | We are super down to earth people. We enjoy hosting friends in our home for game or movie nights and we often spend time with our family. We love sharing new experiences together. It could be a new restaurant or taking the weekend to travel somewhere we haven't been. We bought our first house in 2019. I've quite enjoyed doing DIY projects and making it into our home! 

  • OUR FAMILY | While we absolutely cherish the years we have spent together as a family of two, our dream is to see our family grow. Unfortunately, like so many others, that journey has not been a simple one. Battling PCOS and Endometriosis has made for quite a few challenges. We continue to have hope though. Through the combination of diet changes, medical assistant and faith we are believing it will happen for us. We believe life is so much sweeter when shared with others so we tend to be very open about our journey in marriage and fertility. If you ever need friends to chat with - we are here!


In 2017, I was looking for a creative outlet and decided to pursue photography since I'd always had an interest. I picked up my mom's old Canon T3i and poured myself into learning and practicing. After a few months, David bought me my first camera. He really is so supportive!

As I shared my work, people began to request sessions. So, I decided to go for it and made my business official. Best decision ever!

In 2019, I made a friend in a talented wedding photographer. She invited me to second shoot with her and get plugged into the wedding community. This ended up being the biggest blessing! I absolutely LOVE working with couples and capturing wedding day memories for them!

I love garden weddings bathed in beautiful floral details!

M Y   F A V O R I T E   T H I N G S


Estate and historic buildings are my favorite venues to shoot weddings at! Venues like Sandlewood Manor, The French Farmhouse, and The Olana!


I will always favorite capturing newlywed portraits on a wedding day. It's a bit like freezing time on their special day to be in the moment together!


I would love to capture a wedding at Villa Il Balbiano in Lake Como!